Here's what we've been up to the past few months. While we'd love to show you all the work we've done, our clients prefer we didn't show it to the world. For a closer look at what we've done, please contact us.


Looking for that thread to help tie sales and marketing initiatives together? To create a cohesive experience where branding, strategy and implementation all work together to enrich the user experience? You're not the first. Our reputation to successfully connect sales and marketing efforts throughout the customer experience has allowed us to work across a broad range of industries - wearable technology, consumer electronics, energy and lighting, telecommunications, healthcare, education, government, furniture, and retail. And has opened the door for us to work with many of today's leading Fortune 500 brands - and in return - bring fresh perspective to their projects.

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At the core, we are strategists, designers, developers and producers who share a passion for not just raising awareness, but for raising eyebrows as well. We jump at the opportunity to solve intriguing problems. And we take pride in our ability to turn those challenges into engaging user experiences.

It happens with cross functional teams that blend emerging technologies with clean design and compelling storytelling techniques. And the results are communication strategies that empower people with the right tools to explore without boundaries. Our profound understanding of technology combined with our design innovation and sensibility towards the user experience enables us to envision solutions that go beyond the status quo - and to catalyze their realization.


RedThread is here to make a difference. We thrive on challenges. We solve problems through the combination of tactical thinking, innovative design, and rich media development. Whether it's reinventing a brand, launching a new product, or coming up with a new application we're easy to work with and just the right size to give you the attention you need.

From concept through development, RedThread is recognized for our intelligent solutions, design innovation, and technical achievements. We begin each project by immersing ourselves in discovery and envisioning the most effective and compelling ways to stage the story and enrich the user experience. Only after we identify the tools that best feature the content and heighten usability do we establish a visual identity for the experience. Designers and developers work together to meet the goals of an immersive user experience, while strategists keep our clients' goals and the character of the content in focus. Our tested approach ultimately allows people to feel an emotional and intellectual connection to what they experience, and inspires them to look for new ways of engaging.

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Strategy is the stuff of business life. The cycle never stops. And even though the best ideas are often simple ones, it takes some critical thinking to arrive at the best answer. Here's a look at how we integrate strategy throughout each step of the development process.

First things first. We believe strategy precedes design, so we map out the user experience first - not the deliverables. We thrive on collaboration - both internally, and with our clients. Our comfort level with every area of design - layout, typography, illustration, photography - enhances creative options. At the end of day, design success is determined by how the it connects with the people who experience it.

We differentiate the user experience by combining cutting-edge hardware capabilities with innovative software and services across a wide range of devices and platforms. We invest in key technologies which enable immersive experiences and drive innovation for products and services such as - enterprise portals, content management systems, and next generation web sites built on the latest web standards and frameworks such as HTML 5 and CSS 3, rich desktop applications delivered with Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR - intuitive and dynamic cross-platform mobile applications combining HTML 5 with cutting edge JavaScript - HD video presentations edited in Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. We love this stuff, and it shows in the creativity of our work.


Over the years we have managed to bring together a mix of exceptionally smart, talented people with a variety of strengths and abilities. We are strategist, writers, designers, programmers and producers with a passion to do meaningful work. If you're one of these extraordinary people who's ready to be challenged, give us a shout.


The best way to get to know us is to sit down, talk, and have a little fun while we play show-n-tell. Drop us a line so we can discuss how to take your customers experience to the next level.